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Dan Santat gets kids. And his picture books tap into the fantastic magic that fuels kids’ brains in hilarious, genius ways. Beekle showed how loneliness and imagination, woven together, can unite two unlikely friends. Santat’s new book, Are We There Yet?, stirs together that marvelous combination of boredom and imagination into what might be the most innovative book of the year. See my review below for why I love this book so much!

Psst, for all of you kids or “kids” in Athens, GA (or within driving distance)–Dan Santat will be HERE tomorrow (April 12th)–the very day his new book arrives into the world! Avid Bookshop is doing a pajama storytime in the evening–it should be a perfect escape from the supposedly terrible weather we will be getting. I’m trying to play it cool, but let’s face it–I AM SO EXCITED!

My Review

Time, when you are a kid, seems to move at an extended pace. Especially when you are bored. Especially when you are bored on a road trip. Santat’s genius new book plays with this concept the least boring way possible. A boy is on a road trip with his parents to his grandmother’s birthday party, a trip that begins to feel “like a million years”…. into the past. The boy’s imagination takes his family car through pirate ships and knight jousts and roaming dinosaurs until… ZOOM, they’re in a futuristic city with QR-speaking, picture-taking robots (yes, the QR codes are scannable) and.. WHOOSH, back to the present day, where the message, “there’s no greater gift than the present” really takes on a new meaning.

But wait, was this really all just in the boy’s head?

This is such a fun read for all ages that really plays with the picture book format in crazy (and crazy fun) ways–there are orientation changes that help the reader feel the jolt of the time shifts, embedded technology, comic-style paneling, and of course, Santat’s glorious, playful, rich illustration style. I guarantee you will want to read this book over and over (while turning it over and over), enjoying the weird, wonderful ride each time.

Ages 4-8.

Out tomorrow (April 12th)!

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