Sleeps, Squeeks

good night owl

Greg Pizzoli’s wonderful picture books (The Watermelon SeedNumber One SamTempleton Gets His Wish, etc.) are storytime-savers–with engaging text, perfect page turns, and large, vibrant illustrations, it’s no wonder that his books are a favorite among adults and kids alike. His upcoming book, Good Night Owl, is no different, and it is a welcome addition to any little one’s bedtime reading repertoire.


My Review

Have you ever read Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel? Pizzoli’s wonderful new picture book recalls the story “Strange Bumps” in the best way possible. In Lobel’s book, Owl is settling into bed when he is alarmed by the two “strange bumps” (his feet) under the covers of his bed. Chuckle-inducing antics ensue as Owl fearfully tries to escape the bumps and get some rest. In Pizzoli’s book, Owl is settling into bed when he hears a, “SQUEEK!” Like Lobel’s story, readers are almost immediately privy to the source (a wee mouse, in this case), and the clever dramatic irony as Owl tears his house apart trying to find the tiny noisemaker makes this book a winner, especially for reading aloud to younger audiences. Beautifully paced and boldly illustrated in Pizzoli’s signature screen print style (and pay attention to all the little objects in Owl’s house, referencing Pizzoli’s other books!), this book is a definite must for bedtime laughs.

Ages 3-6.

Out April 16th!

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Psst… If you haven’t read Owl At Home, do yourself a favor and do it. Now. Strange bumps and tear-water tea and an ice-cold houseguest–all the perfect blend of hilarity, weirdness, and poignant loneliness.

owl at home.jpg

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